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Why choose to see a private clinical psychologist?
Clinical Psychologists work across health services in the NHS and you may wish to speak with your GP about what services are available in your area and access clinical psychology via the NHS. Some people may decide that they wish to seek assessment or treatment from a clinical psychologist privately however. This may be because they want to see a clinical psychologist quicker, access a different type of therapy or have more sessions than their local services can offer. Some people can struggle to access clinical psychology in the NHS depending on what their difficulties or issues are and so may choose to see a clinical psychologist privately.

How do I make an enquiry or book an appointment?
Appointments can be booked by phone, email or via the website contact form. If you wish to discuss your needs prior to making an appointment or wish to make an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

When are you available for appointments?
I offer appointments on week day evenings (5pm onwards) and on Saturdays..  

What should I expect if I book an appointment?
If seeking psychological therapy, the first appointment will be an initial assessment. This is an opportunity to discuss your reasons for coming to therapy, what you are hoping to gain from therapy and start to get an understanding of any issues or difficulties you may be experiencing. It will also be an opportunity to think about what I think may help, how I work and whether you feel this suits your needs. There is no obligation for you to book further appointments if you do not feel I am the right professional for you. If this is the case I will try to suggest other professionals or resources that may be able to help you. 

If you are seeking assessment only, it may be appropriate to start with an initial assessment appointment if we need to gain a better understanding of what assessment is needed. However, this is not always necessary and so a first appointment would then likely involve starting to gather information needed for the assessment either through discussion or administration of formal tests. This will have been agreed prior to the first meeting so you know what to expect. 

How many sessions and how often?
The number of sessions a person needs will vary depending on the nature of the work. Assessment, such as diagnostic assessment, tends to require fewer sessions than psychological therapy or intervention. Depending on the issue and an individual’s goals for therapy, the number of sessions required to reach those goals will differ from person to person. Different psychological therapies may also require a different number of sessions. Such factors will be discussed at the first appointment and a plan for intervention will be mutually agreed by both psychologist and client. This plan is flexible and regularly reviewed to monitor progress and adapt to meet client need. For psychological therapy, appointments are offered on a regular basis usually at the same time. Appointments tend to be weekly or fortnightly. 

Where do sessions take place?
I am based at a clinic in Northampton town centre and all therapy sessions are held at the clinic. On occasion, a home visit may be helpful as part of a diagnostic assessment (for example, to complete an observation of a child’s behaviour at home). 

How do I find the clinic and where can I park?
Please see the contact page for full details of how to find the clinic and parking options. Should you wish to make an appointment, I can offer further directions and details as required.

Will my health insurance cover sessions with you?
I am registered with a number of major insurance companies however, please always check with your insurance company to ensure the cost of sessions is covered in full by your policy prior to starting therapy. You will be liable for any outstanding charges regardless of your level of cover. 

What if I am late, miss an appointment or need to cancel?
No payment is required for appointments which are cancelled 48 hours before the appointment time. Cancellations after this time will be charged at a reduced rate. Missed appointments without any notice given, are charged at full rate. If you arrive late to the appointment the session will still end at the same time. 

Is what I talk about kept private and confidential?
I work to professional and ethical codes of practice and therefore, sessions are kept private and confidential with the following exceptions: Confidentiality will be broken only in the event that there is concern for the safety of either the client or others or if serious criminal activity is disclosed. In such circumstances, wherever possible, this will be discussed with the client first, unless this could potentially increase the risk to either them or others. 

Sometimes, it can be helpful to contact other services such as GPs and schools to gather or share information. This is only done with prior consent from the client about what information can be obtained or shared. 

It is part of a clinical psychologist’s practice to receive regular clinical supervision from another clinical psychologist to support their work and ensure the best possible care is provided to the clients we see. A part of this supervision is the discussion of clients, however, all discussions are anonymised to protect the identity of the client. 

What if I need help urgently?
I do not offer an emergency or crisis service. Please contact your GP, our of hours GP or your local accident and emergency department if needing urgent care. Links to useful websites and support lines can be found on the links page of this website. 



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