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I offer formal assessment to establish whether a child or adult meets crtieria for diagnosis of a learning disability / intellectual disability. When diagnosising a learning disability there are 3 key areas to assess:

1. A significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information and to learn new skills.
2. A reduced ability to cope independently
3. That these difficulties started before adulthood, with a lasting effect on development.

I use standardised and recognised assessment tools to assess whether someone meets these criteria, including a test of cognitive / intellectual functioning (IQ assessment). I have skills in differential diagnosis to take into account other difficulties, such as mental health issues, which can also impact on an individual's level of functioning.

Assessment identifies an individual's cognitive and adaptive strengths and weaknesses which can help to understand any difficulties they may experience day-to-day in settings such as home, school and work. Assessment can contribute to the planning of current and future education and care placements. Diagnosis can also be helpful in establishing what services, including healthcare, social care and financial support, an individual may be able to access to ensure they receive the appropriate support to maintain quality of life, well-being and independence.

A full description of what assessment entails and fees are detailed below. Please note, the cost of an initial screening is included in the cost of a full comprehensive diagnostic assessment.

Initial screening

Adults and children: An initial screening appointment to gather information about current difficulties and developmental history to determine whether further assessment is indicated.

Fee: £90

Comprehensive diagnostic assessment

Adults and children: This is a formal assessment to determine whether an individual meets all the diagnositic criteria for diagnosis of a learning disability / intellectual disability. This involves clinical interview to assess current difficulties and gather a developmental, educational and employment history, use of a standardised cognitive / intellectual functioning assessment (IQ assessment), and use of a standardised assessment of adaptive behaviour / daily living skills. A full written report and feedback session to discuss assessment outcome and provide brief post-assessment advice and support is also provided.

Fee: £575


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